Education & Training

You’re the star, we’re
the supporting cast

It’s all yours! Take your business to the next level

You are on the front line of the Ottawa real estate market; You are the professional. Your leaders and managers are the backbone of your support. At Royal LePage Performance Realty, we commit to ensuring you excel at your profession and achieve the results you desire.

No matter the current stage of your real estate career, Performance Realty will help accelerate your business.


Our plan is designed to help you become a successful realtor. We are 384% more successful than the industry average*


We’ve navigated the strongest and weakest of markets, and everything in between. With a combined 200 years of management real estate experience, we know how to help you adjust your business accordingly.

* National Association of Realtors (NAR)

You have full-time access to our one-on-one education, training and coaching.

Unique to Performance Realty, our training has been created and customized based on the intricacies and dynamics of our local marketplace – not some corporate, off-the-shelf training program or from a generic, outsourced third-party provider. We have:


  • A proprietary and proven training curriculum for new Realtors®
  • Development programs and personalized coaching for experienced Realtors® wanting to grow their business or streamline their operations
  • Highly-tuned and customized coaching for team leaders wanting to motivate, manage and grow their teams


We are an education and knowledge based brokerage that invests in our Realtors® to enable them to implement best practices at every stage of their career – from the stand-alone Realtor®, to partnerships and teams. We operate in a completely collaborative environment – Realtors® help Realtors®; managers are always available; and administration staff support you behind the scenes. Our systems are constructed to provide the unique necessities for our Realtors® to be the best in the industry.

Meet our exclusive full-time coaches

  • Valerie Brousseau

    Valerie focuses her attention on ensuring your success in a straightforward way using a very hands-on approach. The experience that she has in the industry make her one-on-one coaching sessions invaluable. Having access to this high level of coaching and training keeps reinforcing the right decision I made to join Royal LePage Performance Realty.
    Toby Pike, Pretoria Avenue Office

With more than 40 proprietary courses, you can build your career at your pace. Here are some of our top sales, technology and marketing courses:

  • Sales Courses

    • Secrets of Top Agents
    • Dealing with For Sale By Owners
    • Prospecting and Sales Fundamentals
  • Technology Courses

    • From Set-Up to Strategy
    • Online Marketing Strategies
    • Virtual Office Solutions
    • rlpSPHERE Set-Up and Implementation
  • One-on-One Sales Coaching

    • Weekly Accountability Coaching
    • Objection Handling
    • Listing and Buyer Presentation Role Playing
  • One-on-One Technology & Marketing Coaching

    • Needs Evaluation from Beginner to Expert
    • Expert Strategies that Work to Your Strengths
    • Generating and Tracking Online Leads
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Culture and Philosophy

Your mother would
be proud of you

People helping people

Our mission and values are the cornerstones of our business and everyday lives.
Our values drive our business, a virtue in which we take tremendous pride.

Our mission

  • To offer unparalleled service to Realtors® and lead the market by empowering Realtors® to achieve their goals through training, coaching and leading edge technology.

  • To maintain a leading edge by remaining adaptable to change.

Our values


Respect for the individual is the cornerstone of everything we do. There must be dignity, tolerance and understanding of others. Give those around you the benefit of the doubt.


Be factual with the good and bad news. Don’t sugarcoat it. Be sincere. Be genuine, but deliver with tact, diplomacy and respect.


Say what you do and do what you say. Be consistent with your values, no matter what situation you are in. When it gets tough is when you are truly measured.


Do things right and do the right thing. If you get it wrong, then do the right thing to fix it. Always strive to be the best. Try to do something slightly better today then you did yesterday. Rise to the occasion. Be prepared to say you’re sorry. Be open-minded, be humble and look forward.

Caring for Others

Lean on the side of love, patience, generosity, tolerance and understanding. Be kind to strangers and to those who matter most – your family. Give people the latitude to be human, and the room to recover.

“A huge congratulations to Pierre and his management team for creating the core value culture, and more importantly, for continuing to be the leaders every day with those core values.  Bravo!”

Patrick Morris, Pretoria Avenue Office

Royal LePage Performance Realty has a non-competing management team. Why is this important?

Every minute of every day, our managers are focused solely on your success; they are not your competition in the marketplace. The volume of transactions our managers personally oversee, keeps them more current than any other selling manager in the marketplace. With an open-door policy, our managers are easily accessible, responsive, and provide a confidential and unbiased sounding board.

Meet the Management Team

  • Pierre de Varennes - Broker/Owner

    "As a management team, we are proud to work under the leadership of Pierre.  His strong sense of values is echoed at every level within the organization. The corporate values are not simply action words on a wall, they guide every decision made. Pierre’s reputation in the industry is second-to-none.”
    The Management Team

  • John Rogan - Broker of Record

    “John has always made himself available when I need to bounce a deal or situation off of him to make sure my thinking is on track.  I have always respected him for being a straight shooter - never shy to tell me that I’m wrong and why.  I have great respect for him and his knowledge of our industry."
    Paul McCunn, Bank Street Office

    “John is a wealth of knowledge.  His extensive experience in real estate is the number one resource I draw from in my day to day.”
    Nick Wilson, Bank Street Office

  • Russ Perkins - Broker/Manager

    “When it matters most, Russ is there to listen and provide guidance from a wealth of business experience.  He has a strong moral compass and his values of professionalism and fairness have made me a better Realtor®.  I am honoured to uphold his high standards! “
    Brad Gilbert, Pretoria Avenue Office

    “Russ listens carefully and provides thoughtful advice gathered from his many years of real estate experience.”
    Eric Van Hofwegen, Pretoria Avenue Office

  • Bob McCulloch - Broker/Manager

    “Bob, our “fountain of knowledge” is eloquent in his interaction with his employees, always providing guidance and support regardless of the hour of the day.  I am thankful everyday that I chose this office.“
    Carole Wilson, Orléans Office

    “Bob’s approachable mannerism and knowledgeable guidance allows agents to perform successfully in a supportive environment.”
    Donna Cole, Orléans Office

  • Kerri MaGee - Broker/Manager

    “Kerri is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and influential real estate professionals I have ever met. With an understanding of the complexities of real estate law, client representation, and our code of ethics, she approaches challenging situations with steadfast skill and thoughtful solutions.”
    Susan Dunton, Pretoria Avenue Office

  • Ian Fortugno - Broker/Manager

    "Ian brings a unique perspective on the Real Estate Market because of his background in Property Management, residential rentals and residential sales. He is extremely approachable and never too busy to listen and offer guidance. We also truly appreciate his sense of humour!"
    Susan Oneid, Broker

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Birds of a feather
flock together

Build your dream team

Are you a team leader looking for better support from your brokerage? We tailor our services at the brokerage level to help you take the next step in your business.

We were among the first brokerages in Canada to pioneer the concept of teams and have decades of experience, far surpassing our competitors.

Here are some of the innovative and complementary services for teams, that Performance Realty first introduced to the Ottawa marketplace:

● Customize and support payroll
● Introduce EFT for all team members
● Dedicated full-time coach
● Assist in the hiring and dehiring process of team members
● Provide complete HR and legal support

Building a team is an art. In its design, careful consideration must be made for individuals’ compatibilities of skills and mindsets, choosing optimal systems and structures, and then adding the right blend of support. Mistakes can be uniquely costly for team leaders and typically set-back growth. You can rely on the security of our unparalleled experience through our tailored services. We’ll help you build a long-term, sustainable team and with our careful guidance, save you time, effort and money.


  • Specialized one-on-one coaching for team leaders
  • Specialized speakers for teams
  • No extra expense for additional team members
  • Space is provided rent free
  • Guidance regarding team structures and optimal set-ups
  • On your behalf, we will post ads, identify and screen candidates, provide a short-list, and assist with the interview process
  • Personality profiling tools for candidates
  • In-house accounting: EFTs and direct deposits, payroll for assistants, in-house cash advances on deals
  • Employment contracts
  • HR legal contract support
  • Commissions are paid-out immediately upon receipt
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Some call us geeks,
we call it “genius”

The choice is yours to make

We set you up to succeed. We know that being on top of the latest technologies, and delivering timely information puts you ahead of the competition. You’ll be an industry genius using our resources that highlight new and relevant technologies, implement our state-of-the-art marketing tools, and learn from our dedicated, full-time technology trainer.

We keep you on the cutting edge of technology so you can operate with maximum efficiency.

  • Access to the exclusive all-in-one real estate tech ecosystem, rlpSPHERE
  • With rlpSPHERE you receive unlimited free lead generation and automated smart campaigns
  • Royal LePage Marketing Centre Design Portal with MLS Listing Integration
  • Templated and customizable agent websites with MLS integration
  • State-of-the-art and fully customizable listing and buyer presentations
  • Digital templates for Feature Sheets, Business Cards, Flyers, and Direct Marketing Campaigns
  • Ready to use Automated Newsletters and Drip Campaigns
  • Single Property Websites
  • Library of Online Webinars
  • Royal LePage Google Apps Enterprise Solutions
  • In-house IT department & 24/7 tech hotline
  • Paperless Office Solutions
  • E-Signatures
  • Print from mobile device in any office

“Royal LePage Performance Realty continues to be on the leading edge of technology in the real estate industry. Adapting to these changes is essential in servicing our clients effectively and efficiently. Our end goal is to provide the most reliable service to our clients. We set the bar in the industry.”

Maureen Yates, Pretoria Avenue Office

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Brand Strength

Leaders of the pack

100+ years of wisdom! Embrace the credibility of a great brand

It took years of innovation and good people to build Canada’s most trusted real estate brand. The legacy of our founder, A.E. LePage, lives on as we stand proudly behind the respected and esteemed national brand that is Royal LePage.

  • #1 in 100 markets nationwide
  • The real estate brand that consumers trust the most
  • Over 18 000 Realtors®  connecting you with a referral source from coast to coast
  • 4.05 billion media impressions in 2019 and 65% more media impressions than the closest competitor
  • We are proudly 100% Canadian. Canadian employees. Canadian owners.
  • President & CEO, Phil Soper named most influential leader in Canadian Real Estate
  • Home to some of Canada’s most productive Realtors®

Royal LePage is the trusted voice of Canadian Real Estate

We are widely recognized as the national authority pertaining to real estate markets and issues in the Canadian media.

“Advertising is what you pay for, and publicity
is what you pray for.”

Phil Soper
President and CEO of Royal LePage Real Estate Services

  • “The most visited real estate website in the country is, which is owned by the industry overall, and the most-visited corporate real estate website is,”
    Calgary Sun

  • "As real estate professionals, Royal LePage agents are committed to giving back to the communities where they work and live. By supporting the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, our agents help their local shelters provide much-needed services for women and children fleeing abuse."
    Canadian Real Estate Wealth

  • "We in Canadian real estate have flourished for many years by building an industry infrastructure that services consumers like no place on earth."
    REM Online

  • "For the seventh year in a row, Swanepoel Power 200 (SP200) has named Phil Soper, President and CEO of Royal LePage and Bridgemarq Real Estate Services, Inc., the most influential person in Canadian residential real estate. The SP200 is the definitive ranking of residential real estate leaders across North America. Soper was ranked 10th overall, rising one position from last year."
    Royal LePage

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Because we care

We sell houses but we support homes

We care deeply about the communities in which we live and work. The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation is Canada’s largest public foundation dedicated exclusively to funding shelters for abused women and children, and violence prevention programs. Every year, the foundation provides funds for women’s emergency shelters that help women and children rebuild their lives after experiencing domestic violence.

These efforts may have helped someone you know

Royal LePage Canada supports the Shelter Foundation by paying all administrative expenses, which means that 100% of proceeds go toward the cause. All monies remain in the community in which they were raised.

Donated in 2019 by Performance Realty

$ 65,000

Performance Realty supports 6 local women and children's shelters in the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario area

Donated since 2002 by Performance Realty

$ 712,000

$33M has been raised and donated across Canada since 1998


How do we raise money each year?

  • Annual Charity Auction
  • National Garage Sale
  • Annual Corporate Events
  • Realtors® donate regular portions of their commissions
  • The National “Challenge for Shelter” Trek

Join forces with your fellow Royal LePage brokers, agents, staff and friends to organize fundraising events in support of their local shelters and The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation.

To find out more about The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, please visit our main website.


Price / Value Structure

You can have your
cake & eat it too

What is your brokerage doing for you?

We are a full-service real-estate brokerage. Our goal is to empower our Realtors® to provide the absolute best level of service for their clients.

  • We help you become the absolute best in your profession.
  • We provide an unparalleled level of support, structure, coaching and expertise.
  • We fully support your career and growth.

We invest in you from day one, partnering with you to help build your business. Collectively, our incentives are aligned every step of the way.

We don’t charge fees that you have not earned

Our business model is designed to help you manage your business, growth and cash flow. This is based on the fundamental value of putting Realtors® in the best financial position to succeed.

  • YOU will not be charged:

    • Monthly rent
    • Deal fees
    • Desk fees
    • Additional expenses for teams
  • YOU will receive:

    • Complete start-up package to cover new marketing and advertising
    • Full support in transferring existing business
    • Access to our flexible group benefit packages
    • Specialized one-on-one coaching with our two, full-time dedicated trainers
    • Guidance regarding systems, processes and optimal set-ups
    • Positive and collaborative culture with like-minded individuals
    • Support from our 194 years of combined management experience
    • In-house accounting: EFTs and direct deposits, payroll for assistants, in-house cash advances on deals. Commissions paid-out immediately upon receipt
    • Competitive and progressive commission structure up to 96/4
    • And much more…


    At Performance Realty, we believe that our compensation structure offers you the best value in the industry.

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